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1004 cute dance practice 

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Happy mori :)?

I checked out this site and their stuff is adorable but sadly they don’t have anything for the Galaxy s5, which is what I need right now. :(

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Zelo wants to dig too

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Yongguk dancing to Secret “I Do I Do

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"I just hope our thoughts of a family don’t change. A family is the most comforting existence in the world and those who you can share anything with." — Daehyun (xx)
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After Jongup mentioned his six pack, Himchan was…

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Don’t be sad and don’t give up on your dreams. Dreams will come true one day.
There is no one as beautiful as a person who dreams.

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my momma reacts to: exo overdose teasers pt.2 [pt.1 here]

[find more reactions here]

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rest in peace bambam 

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Jonghyun  ・(/。\)・

#that’s the closest we’re all gonna come to ever seing jjong completely naked (via minhosnoona)