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yes Himchan, yES!


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K I M H I M C H A N .

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04. 19. 2014. Happy 24th Birthday Kim Himchan! ♥

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Kim Himchan’s Emotions! (x)

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Happy 24th birthday, Kim Himchan!! I wish nothing but happiness and success upon you. Live every year to the fullest and please never stop smiling.

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Happy Birthday to Him!

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Countdown to Himchan’s birthdayDay 0  Happy Birthday to my favorite visual, Kim Himchan! 

I just want to say that I love you just the way you are, and that you shouldn’t self-reflect on yourself so hard. Us babyz love you and support you and although there are people out there who will bring you down, always remember that we’ll be there to bring you back up. You’re perfect despite any flaws that you could possibly have. Don’t ever change no matter what anyone else says and remember that we will always love you. 


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You see, I majored in traditional Korean music. I used to perform a lot and once performed for foreigners too. I think music itself is its own language. And I was very thankful to the foreigners who accepted that music is a universal language .I think that’s what got me to like music more. It’s something we can all agree on.
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Happy Birthday, Kim Himchan! Going from 23 to 24, as B.A.P’s second oldest hyung, you have a lot of weight on your shoulders. I just wish I could let you know just how much adoration I have for you and that you really have become a role model to me. Always trying to reach out to your fans a little bit more, to be a little closer and trying your best in everything. I adore you. Not only are you a natural, musical genius, but you’re so incredibly handsome and it kind of makes me want to punch you in the face. I wish I could give you an endless amount of coffee and I wish you only the best as you turn almost half of 50 (!!!) I’m kidding, you’re not old. You’re one of the most wonderful people I have ever known and one day wish to meet you face to face to tell you how amazing you really are. You’re beautiful inside and out, and I dearly hope you know that yourself.

Always working your hardest, always being the best Himchan not even just for yourself but for B.A.P and for us, babies — Happy birthday, my lovely. You deserve only the best. 언제나 힘차게 달리는 모습이 너무예뻐. 생일축하해, 김힘찬!  ♡

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Happy Birthday Himchan! | LOE Dallas, Please credit if you plan to edit!

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April 19, 2014 — HIS SPECIAL DAY: He among his brothers

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himlo + their spy dance

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Kim Himchan: a man of many instruments
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91. 04. 19. Happy 24th / 25th Birthday Himchan!

Where did the time go? I still remember when I was fangirling over you when b.a.p debuted. Now it’s the third time we have been with you since your debut. You have dealt with so much, from being called useless to your fans making fun of your English. You’re an inspiration to not just me, but to others as well and you deserve to be happy. Thank you for being in b.a.p & thank you for being my bias.

I really hope you have a great birthday with your members and hopefully with your family. And eat a lot of cake! 

Happy Birthday baby. c: